Utan Er

Idris and Kojo are the two last survivors of a group African refugees who have, inhabited swedish woods for almost 10 years and lived independently. When they encounter the 9-year-old boy a riskful friendship begins.

Country: Sweden
Length: 12 
Completion: 11/2019
Genre: Future Narrative
Spoken language: Swahili and Swedish
Subtitles: English

Writer/Director: Jean-Luc Mwepu

First assistant director/ Costume Design: Desireé Mwepu

Directors of photography: Simon Bendroth & Ulf Leide

Executive Producer/Stills: Julia Sixtensson

Production coordinator: Lina Birk

Sound recordist: Adrian Kjönsberg

Editor: Jean-Luc Mwepu

Vfx: Filip Ristic

Compositor: Soren Haar

Mixing & Sound Design: Redipe

Colorist: Simon Bendroth

Production Assistants: Jonathan Thane, Felia Truedesson, Tina Chisola

Distributor: Lina Birk/Jean-Luc Mwepu


Göteborgs Filmfestival, Best Swedish short competition, 2020

BUFF film festival, Official selection, 2020

Pixel film festival, winner of best sound and best film class 3, 2020

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival, Official selection, 2020

Nordic youth film festival, Official. selection, 2020

Uppsala film festival, Best Swedish short, 2020

New Orleans film festival,  official selection

New Baltic film festival, Competition, 2020

Folkets Bio, Zita. Fall 2020

November Film Festivalen, 2020