Ska vi cykla i Munka?

Jojje and Simon feel that they're not ready for a life of responsibilities. They are moving away from the village they grew up in together to set off too new adventures. On their last day together they take one last trip together in Munka where they relive their childhood memories.

Country: Sweden
Length: 11 
Completion: 11/2019
Genre: fiction
Spoken language: Swedish
Subtitles: English

Writer/Director: Simon Bendroth

Directors of photography: Simon Bendroth

Production Coordinator/Producer: Lina Birk

First assistant director: Jean Luc-Mwepu

Sound recordist/Sound Design: Adrian Kjönsberg

Compositor: Jacob Valtonen

Cast: Bruno Olsson, Gustav Berghe, Joshua Melkersson, Jonas Bendroth.


BUFF film festival, Official selection, 2020

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